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About Us

Callid’s business assurance solutions give you the confidence and assurance that your operations, systems and people are working properly to provide a competitive and lasting advantage in the market. In addition, we work with organizations around the world to obtain ISO certification and provide training on various management systems from quality, health and safety, environment, energy, information security and other services listed on our website.

We are ready to provide services to many clients around the world. We understand that each client has different needs, and we endeavour to customize a solution to suit these specific requirements, no matter what industry or the size of the company. With a team of experienced assessors, we provide you with the highest standards and value for your organization. Contact us today!


Callids Global Certification

In general point of certification is to allow certainty to all parties that a administration framework satisfies indicated necessities. The esteem of Certification is the degree of open certainty and believe built up by an Unbiased and competent appraisal by a third party.

Callids Global Asessment

Callids Worldwide autonomously evaluates associations to distinguish what is required to realize the Worldwide standard by joining forces your association with an evaluator with involvement in your industry. Our appraisal group has over a decade of involvement working with companies giving master assessments on what is required to attain a standard. In expansion, we offer the most elevated quality investigation conceivable on what is required by your association to realize a specific standard.

Certification Principles

Why Callids Global ?

Our reason is to create a critical commitment to the assurance and change of society as a entire by making all organisations more vigorous before the progressively competitive commerce environment and the diminishment of accessible resources. We pride ourselves in being:

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